Suhagra 100 mg: what men require in bed

Women and girls sometimes overestimate their knowledge of men. And, having watched the movies and read the tips on the Internet, try it all in bed – sincerely believing that their partners will be delighted. And then they wonder – what went wrong with Suhagra 100 mg pills? So, girls, read this carefully if you don’t want to leave a bad impression for your boyfriend after sex. After all, it is necessary to reveal misunderstandings, which you had no idea about.

1. Scream during orgasm

Sexual screams and vulgar conversations – great, but focus on your orgasm, not on the Suhagra reviews from ViaQX online pharmacy. If you need it so much, shout, but not because you think it’s what a man likes.

2. Childish voice during sex

He never ever wants to listen to that thin voice. And during sex, and in general. Buy Suhagra drug online and think about what’s going on: it’s like pretending to be a child when someone has sex with you. What’s so nice about it?

3. Penis deep in the mouth

That’s good, of course, but first, he’s wary of the gag reflex. And secondly, about the same (if not better) you can do with your hands, holding in the mouth only the head.

4. Movements you’re not capable of

Of course, any man would be pleased if you play with the scrotum during sex. But if you are dangerously balancing on the one hand with the risk of falling with Suhagra price and damaging something (himself or him), where to find pleasure from the process? Don’t swing at maneuvers you’re not sure about.

5. Repeating his name aloud over and over again

You’ve been together long enough, and there’s no need for that (although some like it). Just stop talking to him over and over again, so he doesn’t start doubting your mental health.

6. Closing the eyes for the duration of the act

Some people don’t like eye contact, but not opening their eyes at all is weird. It makes him think that you don’t want to look at him or think about something distracted.

7. Beautiful lingerie every time before sex

Even if you wear old underpants, he’ll really care, because it doesn’t matter what you take off. You don’t have to wear anything at all.

8. Lying without movement until he does everything

If you just can’t decide how to move, do as you see fit. And if you don’t want to, it’s more like a parachute-free jump so that the wind will take you to Orgasmtown.

9. Styling and make-up to look good after sex

Most men really even like the look of Suhagra tablets with disheveled hair. Otherwise, it may seem that they have sex with a doll.

10. Silence if something is not like

No one wants to do things that the other doesn’t like. So tell me right away, he won’t be offended that you’re helping him better understand your desires.