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Genoa Healthcare
Address: 130 N Tillotson Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 288-3770 | Website:

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I didn’t do well with one of the medications that were compounded differently; I felt something was wrong from the beginning and had a bitter metallic taste. But the pharmacist was willing to spend time with me explaining, yet I disagreed. Actually, this Iranian pharmacist said she makes her own formula without a preservative & recommended I keep using it after I said I am getting sick from it. Even my doctor said to stop using it, and I am going to a PCAB accredited trusted compound pharmacy I trust & have been to before for the next fill. Genoa Healthcare CLEARLY poisoned me &, even worse, tried to reason it due to their arrogance and ignorance. I have been to ER twice and going again & sending the poisoned med to a testing lab as of now, so it doesn’t happen to others.

IU Health Southway Pharmacy
Address: 3813 S Madison St, Muncie, IN 47302, United States | Phone: (765) 751-2324 | Website:

Best pharmacy you could possibly go to! The pharmacist here really cares for people and will help you even if you don’t have insurance! This pharmacy is the absolute best! Don’t hesitate. Just switch your prescriptions over to IU Health Southway Pharmacy!

I ordered Ivermectin and magnets, but they didn’t have the magnets in stock. I paid for the magnets in advance with the pictures and was told to pick them up the next day because the truck was coming in. I came in the next day around 6:30 pm, and they couldn’t find the magnets, so I was told to come in the next day and be ready. Manager Clinton should have left a note saying that I paid for them already because when I tried to pick them up for the 3rd time, I didn’t have the receipt due to me being in the area and not 100% sure my magnets were even ready, the receipt was at home with the pictures. Lady at the front counter gave me a hard time. Now I have to drive home and back for the 4th time to prove I paid for them. Thanks a lot, manager Clinton. All over four magnets.

Payless Super Market Pharmacy
Address: 715 S Tillotson Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 213-1213 | Website:

Best pharmacy I’ve been to. I travel over 20 miles and pass by lots of pharmacies to go here. The pharmacist and staff always have a warm, welcoming atmosphere when you go to pick up a prescription. (Which is rare and hard to find nowadays). They’re very professional and actually care about you as a customer. I would recommend Payless Super Market Pharmacy to anyone looking for a trustworthy and caring pharmacy!!

The prescription on Ivermectin was sent to the wrong address. Made two calls to customer service (one person was rude and unprofessional, one was nice), who assured me they sent it to the correct address. Finally received by calling my post office, the address was incorrect on the package. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and reordered a refill – never received it. I was told they could try to refill again, but I would have to pay an additional copay, which is, incidentally, higher than if I paid monthly at my local pharmacy. Will never make this mistake again.

Access To Care Pharmacy
Address: 3631 N Morrison Rd, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 213-2866 | Website:

Danny was a great help at Access To Care Pharmacy. She offers me the best price on Ivermectin ever. Definitely check them out. They have Black Friday sales coming up!!!!

The manager of the Access To Care Pharmacy stops harassing me. The manager cares more about the parking lot than customers. I have been staying at the hotel (Marriott), and I have my car on sale. They called me to move my car. I used to go every day for groceries there to cook at the hotel, and they assumed stuff ok I moved it to the hotel’s parking lot, and they still called me asking me if I was staying there at the hotel. It is not their business if I do or not. They got my phone cause the car has my phone number. However, this is not nice. Now I would prefer to go and eat out in the next six months. I wanted to cook my own meals.