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Meijer Pharmacy
Address: 6260 W McGalliard Rd, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 281-7810 | Website:

After another store couldn’t fill my Modafinil prescription, I went there tonight and was told that they close in 5 minutes. After helping me get the information in their system, the pharmacist says, hold tight, I’m going to try and get this for you right now. The whole team chipped in and got my Modafinil. AMAZING SERVICE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

This place needs a drive-through!! Standing in line can be very painful for some of us. Since it’s Meijer Pharmacy, there will always be a line because it is apparently a corporate policy that only one register operates at any one time, whether there are two registers or thirty. That said, the staff is generally friendly and helpful. One time, a pharmacist decided to argue with me because she did not understand what I was asking her, and that wasted some especially valuable time, but that time was the exception. Still, these inconveniences combined to make me transfer my scrips to CVS.

Cardinal Health
Address: 300 N Pauline Ave, Muncie, IN 47303, United States | Phone: (765) 286-2150 | Website:

I love coming here because they have self-checkout. I get 30% off orders thru my snail mail. When I went to use it at Cardinal Health with a cashier, she wouldn’t accept it (something about the “# at the bottom). So I came to this location, checked out myself. I entered my phone #, and the coupon went thru! Imagine That!! That other location is the WORST, which shows up with plenty of bad reviews.

My wife has a severe illness that is managed by her prescription. Multiple times it’s been called in at the beginning of the day for them to tell me it’s not in yet or not ready. So when I call the pharmacy myself to explain her situation, they apologize for the “error,” and I’m left waiting another 20-30+ minutes while they get Modafinil they’ve had the ENTIRE time. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST pharmacy I’ve ever encountered.

Address: _1500 W McGalliard Rd, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 751-1500 | Website:

Kroger was thoughtful enough to stock up on this much-needed generic Modafinil, which I only had to pay $10 for 100 mg pills because my insurance only covers the generic medication. Walgreens, on the other hand, tried to guilt me into buying a $180 5 day supply out of pocket because they ran out of the generic.

Always call ahead – their online system passed my order through, but it always has issues on arrival. Beau was very friendly and helped me resolve my problem this time. Last month, when requesting a manager to call back, the female pharmacist was very vague and dropped the ball on communication with the doctor’s office, resulting in 3-4 days without. When I tried to speak to who was above her to make sure this didn’t happen to anyone else, I was hung up on, given the runaround. Fill @ Walmart from now on, folks.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 201 S Tillotson Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, United States | Phone: (765) 287-0074 | Website:

I felt that all medications were new. They in like way offer free development of drugs into your home. The decision to get and pass on was fabulous for my variable timetable. Appreciate CVS Pharmacy for this most strong assistance!

They’ve been having issues of keeping meds in stock, which is no fault of their own as a small business pharmacy during the era of modern disease with things such as Covid, but I’ve had a problem in which I’ve been trying to get a proper refill of Provigil. I even had to pay for some a week ago, but today as I was finally getting my proper amount of estrogen, they misgendered me the whole way through as I was getting my estrogen. Are these country folk that blind? I get I don’t look conventionally feminine anymore, but that’s still no excuse – terrible service. Don’t misgender someone as they’re just trying to get estrogen or testosterone.